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HQ4 One Year Art Prints - Pack & Carry Fireplace

HQ4 One Year Art Prints - Pack & Carry Fireplace

During the Japanese car camping boom of the 1980s and 1990s, many new campgrounds opened around the country. These campgrounds were often open fields, and traditional ground fires left unsightly burn marks across the field, which inspired then-President Tohru Yamai to develop the Pack & Carry Fireplace with its innovative design for compact storage and keeping fires off the ground.

Today, Takibi Time, or gathering by the fire to share food and drink, is at the crux of Snow Peak's mission to restore humanity through time outside, and Snow Peakers across the world gather around their Pack & Carry Fireplace, enjoying evenings of togetherness under the stars.

Originally created on wood blocks in the United Kingdom, these prints were shared by the Snow Peak UK team to celebrate the opening of HQ4 in Portland. Prints available in L 11" W 14".

Print items are in limited quantities and will not be restocked.


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