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Fireplace Base Plate L

Fireplace Base Plate L

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Designed in Japan, the steel Fireplace Base Plate L is intended to protect the ground from heat. The Fireplace Base Plate reflects the heat away from the ground, ensuring no trace of fire is left behind. Featuring four small notches for the Pack & Carry Fireplace legs, the Fireplace Base Plate keeps the fireplace stable. Pair the Fireplace Base Plate L with the Pack & Carry L Fireplace and the Base Plate Stand L/M.




4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)


L 18" W 18" H 0.4"

use with

Pack & Carry L Fireplace
Pack & Carry Base Plate Stand M/L

Specifications & Features


  • Reflects Fireplace Heat from the Ground
  • Leaves No Trace
  • Catches Fireplace Ashes & Embers

  • Fireplace Base Plate L


  • Steel

Basic Care

Allow to cool and use a towel to remove debris from base plate before storage.