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Outdoor Kitchen Set
Outdoor Kitchen Set
Outdoor Kitchen Set
Outdoor Kitchen Set

Outdoor Kitchen Set

Designed as a complete set-up, the Outdoor Kitchen Set is an IGT build with all of the components needed to cook, store, and clean. The foundation consists of an IGT Four Unit Frame with IGT Standing Height 830mm Legs. Insert two IGT Stainless Box Half Units for storing prepared food or additional kitchen tools, a gas-powered Grill Burner for cooking, and a Renewed IGT Bamboo Short Insert for use as a prep surface. The final insert, a Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 220 can be used for additional storage or as an outdoor sink for cleanup.

Build a customized Iron Grill Table set-up by using our Bundle Builder or explore other carefully curated pre-built sets.




40.4 lbs (18.3 kg)


Total Footprint Once Assembled: L 43" W 20" H 33"


IGT Four Unit Frame, IGT Standing Height 830mm Leg Set x 2, IGT Stainless Box Half Unit x 2, Grill Burner, Waterproof Unit Gear Bag 220, Renewed Bamboo IGT Short Insert

Specifications & Features

Basic Care

Use a microfiber cloth with mild soap and water to clean the bamboo and a sponge with mild soap and water can be used to clean the other components then allow them all to dry completely before storage. Do not allow moisture to stay overnight on bamboo wood or table.