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Ground Panel Chair
Ground Panel Chair
Ground Panel Chair

Ground Panel Chair

Designed in Japan, the Ground Panel Chair is a simple, legless chair, ideal for camping or viewing sporting events. The self-supporting backrest provides firm back support with multiple cushion panels to ensure comfort even while sitting for long periods of time. Multiple adjustable buckles allow for additional personalization to fit each body's needs. When not in use, fold the two larger panels onto one another, and fold in half along the panel seams. Pair with the Renewed Single Action Table Low M.




4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)


Extended: L 1.3' W 1.5' H 1.6'
Stored: L 0.6' W 1.5' H 0.4'


Polyester 600D, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, Glass Fiber Used


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