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Take Action

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 25th , 2020


Every year on April 22nd, we take a moment out of our lives to celebrate the natural world and emphasize the importance of protecting our Earth. It is an opportunity to take action and demonstrate environmental awareness while also bringing to light the decisions we make on a daily basis which have an impact on the environment.

One rapidly growing decision which is proving to have a positive impact on our planet, is the movement away from consuming single use plastics. Each year, we produce millions of tons of plastic and only a small amount of them can actually be recycled. The rest will find their way into our oceans and natural spaces harming wildlife and affecting ecosystems. Reducing the use of these plastics in our daily lives and finding reusable solutions will prove to have a lasting impact on the health of our Earth.

As a company that is deeply passionate about the natural world, we believe it is our responsibility to encourage change and positive decisions which better the environment. Our unique line of cutlery, drinking vessels, and tableware create a platform for Snow Peak to play a significant role in the movement away from single use plastics. We encourage and challenge individuals to reduce their environmental impact by making actively conscious decisions about their daily consumption habits.

In addition, we encourage you to look beyond your own individual consumption habits and seek out ways to affect groups that surround your daily life. If you are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact at your office, Snow Peak is offering corporate solutions for you to make a large scale impact on the environment. Email for more information.

Our planet is too precious for us to simply sit back and hope for the best. A world in which we are not able to spend time outdoors to embrace our nature with friends and family is a space we don’t want to imagine. It’s time for us to take action and make the small changes in our daily life which will have a lasting impact on our environment for generations to come.