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Ease Into Autumn

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

October 12th , 2020

Ease Into Autumn

As the days shorten and the air cools, it’s hard to deny that summer has left us. This year especially, many of us were comforted by sunny days spent outdoors in beautiful natural spaces. As the weather shifts, we’re faced with the realities of the season combined with a continued pandemic and a general sense of unrest and anxiety. While we don’t have a comprehensive solution to the world’s woes, as a brand centered around restorative experiences, we do have a few ideas for creating thoughtful spaces and moments that offer a respite from the chaosallowing you to enjoy the season more fully.  

Mix Up Textures and Colors 

Consider the items in your space, whether indoors or outside. While lightweight and breezy fabrics offer comfort on hot summer afternoons, the opposite is true as the season shifts. Swap breathable tees for an Alpaca Knit or Flexible Insulated Pant for added warmth and a sense of coziness. Similarly, consider a warmer, deeper color palette that’s reminiscent of the season, with hues such as forest greens, wine burgundies and charcoal grays.   

Mirror this approach in your home. Add thick, warm blankets to your lounge area or bedroom to create an inviting space. Prioritize items that bring you a sense of calm. Softness and comfort are paramount.  

Enjoy Some Fresh Air  

As an outdoor brand, we’d be remiss if we didn’t encourage outdoor recreation in every season. While getting outdoors in the colder months might require some additional layers – the benefits of fresh air are significant. Bundle up for a neighborhood walk, head out on the trail to take in the fall colors or enjoy some Takibi Time in your backyard.  

Set a Cozy Mood with Lighting  

In the Danish practice of Hygge, embracing the early evenings of winter is key to combating seasonal blues. A key part of the practice is the use of soft, romantic lighting to create a welcoming and calm space in your home. We recommend our Mini FlameHozuki Lantern and Mini Hozuki for a soft glow that creates a soothing mood.  

Warm Up with A Hot Drink 

Whether it’s a strong coffee or fragrant tea, a warm mug offers a unique kind of comfort. We recommend Takibi Toddy for a little extra whisky warmth. Incorporating a hot beverage into your autumn and winter routine may have relational benefits as well!  Studies have shown that enjoying a hot drink is linked to warm emotions and increases feelings of trust and camaraderie with those around you.  

Enjoy your toddy or tea in one of our signature vessels like the Ti-Double 450 or the Tsuzumi Bottle – they'll keep your drink insulated on chilly days.  

We hope these tips offer some inspiration for the shifting seasons. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram for more seasonal fun!