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5 Must-Try Spring Recipes

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

April 11th , 2022

5 Must-Try Spring Recipes

Enjoy the fresh flavors of spring. Mix up your cooking routine with these five tasty recipes. Each one is designed for home or camp kitchens and brings the spirit of the season to life. Get ready to chop, dice, and grill your way to a memorable meal!  

Fresh Herb Salad 

Get your greens with this refreshing salad mixture. The combination of herbs with the buttery dressing is sure to please. 

Black Rice with Mango 

Enjoy the sweetness of mango with a sneaky pinch of spice from the jalapenos and zest of lime. Pair it with grilled salmon and let it have the spotlight as the main course! 

Little Gems with Lemon Cream  

Another bright and springy option, this recipe comes from the cookbook 6 Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables. The flavorful combination brings early spring vegetables together with refreshing mint and tangy lemon.  

Early Summer Salad 

This dish is the perfect vegetarian grilling option. Enjoy the beautiful and nutritious mixture of flavorful veggies, from eggplant to summer squash and zucchini.  

Breakfast Burritos  

Need a hearty start to your day? Look no further than this filling breakfast burrito recipe. It’s sure to keep you satiated for whatever the day may hold. 

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