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Copper Head Peg Hammer


Made from forged steel we've made the most durable peg hammer. Fitted with a copper head the hammer will decrease the shock incurred when striking a tent stake and delivers an even blow with every strike.

Copper Head Peg Hammer
  • Copper Head Peg Hammer
  • Copper Head Peg Hammer
  • Copper Head Peg Hammer
  • Copper Head Peg Hammer
  • Developed to drive your sturdy forged steel pegs.
  • Features a head made of forged steel which has unprecedented strength and a copper tip.
  • Copper tip decreases the shock to the hand when driving stakes while at the same time transfers power of the strike to the head of the peg.
  • Features a strap for safety.
  • Can be used in the process of setting up and breaking down your campsite.
Set Up

Step 1:
When the copper head wears down from use, it can be replaced.

Step 2:
The copper head is replaced by pounding out the set pin of the old head with pin of the new head.

Step 3:
When the old pin comes out, attach the new head.

Step 4:
Then pound the pin into place and you are done.
  • Specifications
Weight(Shipping) 1.4
material Head: Copper, Steel (Black Electrodepositing Coating), Handle: Oak Tree
Dimensions L 4.75" W 1.25" H 11.5"
Includes Peg Hammer Pro.C
Weight 1.4 lbs
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