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Ozen Solo Table


This minimalistic table makes sure you will never again topple a pot of boiled water off a stove set on uneven ground or let the ground steal all the heat away from your hot meal.

Ozen Solo Table
  • Ozen Solo Table
  • Ozen Solo Table
  • The table includes an ultralight aluminum alloy top, minimalistic stainless steel legs, and a nylon carrying case.
  • The table provide a 12 inch by 4 inch surface 3 inches off the ground and only weighs a mere 12 ounces.
  • The table is easily assembled by place the top plates together and snapping on the stainless steel legs.
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  • Specifications
material Aluminum Alloy top, Stainless Steel legs
Dimensions 11.7" Long x 8.3" Wide x 3.3" Tall
Includes Top Plates (2), Legs (2), Carrying case
Size Stowed 11.7" Long x 4.2" Wide x 1" Tall
Weight 12oz
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