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Hozuki Lantern



Inspired by the Hozuki plant, our iconic LED lantern provides bright, candle-like light to your tent or campsite.

Hozuki Lantern
  • Hozuki Lantern
  • Hozuki Lantern
  • Hozuki Lantern
  • Designed to capture the beauty and romance of the sacred Hozuki plant.
  • Combines functionality and beauty like never before in outdoor lighting.
  • Hozuki LED lantern features an innovative candle mode that allows the LED to respond to sound or wind with flickering light; press the on/off button twice to enter candle mode.
  • Choose from 3 brightness settings (low, medium, high) so you can illuminate the whole campsite or just the tent.
  • 4 AA batteries provide up to 80 hrs. of operation on low, 20 hrs. on medium and 8 hrs. on high.
  • Low-battery indicator light flashes when batteries need to be replaced.
  • Silicone rubber lantern shade diffuses light and withstands regular use while camping and traveling.
  • Use the integrated hook to carry the lantern or hang it from a loop inside your tent; flip the lantern upside down and set it on top of the hook for use as a tabletop light.
  • Snow Peak Hozuki LED lantern can be powered via a USB mini cable (not included) while you're working on your laptop computer.
  • Note integrated hook is able to detach from the lantern and snap back on.


Low Brightness
Use the lowest setting to provide some romantic mood lighting as you lay to go down to bed.

Medium Brightness
Lower the brightness one level to save power, when the full 100 lumens are not needed.

High Brightness
Use the brightest setting to harness all 100 lumens of the Hozuki's power and light up your whole tent site.

Varied Uses
Hanging Lantern
The shape of the hook is convenient to carry as well as to hang. No worries about burning down your tent or car.
Candle Light
Also, use the hook underneath the lantern as a table top stand to give the look of a candle.

Computer Light
The Mini USB connector in the hook allows you to power your Hozuki Lantern with your computer. (USB plug-in sold separately)
Battery Powered
The Hozuki Lantern is powered by four AA batteries which last 4 hours on the brightest setting, 10 hours on medium, and 40 hours on the low.

Silicone Pack-ability
The Silicone covering can be squished down allowing you to fit your Hozuki Lantern compactly in your backpack.
Table Lantern
Stylishly create enough light to do a chore or to find a midnight escape.
  • Specifications
material Polycarbonate Plastic, Abs Resin, Acrylic Resin, Silicone Rubber, Aluminum
Dimensions D 4" H 9.8"
Includes Hozuki Light And Batteries, USB Cord Not Included (USB Cord May Be Used To Power Led Light In-Place Of Batteries But Will Not Re-Charge Batteries)
Lantern Type LED
Lighting Hours High 8 hrs / Mid 20 hrs / Low 80 hrs
Brightness 100 Lumens
Power Source 4 X AA Alkaline OR AA (NiMh/Zrb rechargeable) suggested batteries (USB mini plug-in)
Awards T+L Design Awards 2011 for Best Gear
Made In Japan
Weight 5.6 oz
Color White And Orange
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