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GigaPower Two Way Lantern


This mid sized hanging lantern can be conveniently hung or the carry case can be used as a stand. The lantern uses the same Isobutane fuel as your Snow Peak stove or a butane gas cartridge.

GigaPower Two Way Lantern
  • GigaPower Two Way Lantern
  • GigaPower Two Way Lantern
  • Mid-sized lantern is bigger than our backpacking lanterns and provides 10 more watts of light.
  • The attached chain allows you to hang the lantern or convert the lid of the storage case into a stand when using a CB cartridge.
  • Can be used with either the canister or CB cartridge.
  • Fitted with an ignition system that ensures a rich gas mixture output for safe ignition.

Increased Brightness
Turn to the right for increased brightness.

Decreased Brightness
Turn to the left for dimmed brightness.

GP-050 Mantle
Make sure to use the mantle specially made for the GigaPower Lantern, Mid. It promises the most appropriate light volume.

It is filled with a sub-combustion chamber on the side of the lantern mantle. With this system you begin by filling the sub-combustion chamber with gas and then when the flame ignites, you ignite the main body of the mantle.

Optimal Ignition
Air and gas mixture changes at the instant of ignition.

When you press the button of the auto-igniter and simultaneously slide the air adjustment part of the main body, the density of the gas-air ratio is increased to facilitate easy ignition.

Hanging Chain
It is fitted with a convenient chain for suspending it from such equipment as a lantern hanger or a pile driver.

Brightness Adjustment
Light brightness adjustment with a large knob.

CB Cartridge Compatible
When using a CB cartridge, the lid quickly converts into a safe and high stand by turning it upside down and extending the three legs.

 Download an Owner's Manual (English) Here

  • Specifications
material Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic
Output 90 Watts
Dimensions D 4.25" H 5.75"
Lantern Type Gas Canister
Weight 11.0 oz
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