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GigaPower Lantern, Auto


Lighting is essential for every camping trip; this small lantern will surprise you with it's ultra bright output. Conveniently powered off of the same Isobutane fuel as your Snow Peak stove.

GigaPower Lantern, Auto
  • GigaPower Lantern, Auto
  • Lightweight, compact lantern comes with an automatic ignition.
  • Attaches easily to our giga power fuel canister during use or folds up neatly in its 4" plastic case.
  • Features brightness control handle and a heat reflecting plate to keep the cartridge from getting too hot.

Step 1:
Prepare the mantle with the large hole facing downward.

Step 2:
Remove the wire guard and then the ventilator.

Step 3:
Remove the globe.

Step 4:
From the top, carefully install the mantle.

Step 5:
Make sure the mantle upper and lower openings fit into the notches of the burner head, then properly arrange mantle.

Step 6:
Light the mantle from the bottom allowing it to burn off evenly all around.

Step 7:
While the mantle is still burning, turn the fuel regulator on to light the mantle with the fuel. Leave the fuel running for a couple minutes to allow the mantle to takes its shape.

 Download an Owner's Manual (English) Here

 Download an Owner's Manual (French) Here

  • Specifications
material Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass
Output 80 watts
Dimensions D 2.25" H 3.75"
Lantern Type Gas Canister
Weight 4.5 oz
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